Letter: Smart guns

March 12, 2014 

In response to the Feb. 19th Associated Press article by Steve Leblanc on personalized guns: While I’m sure that U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., has the best of intentions introducing his firearm personalization bill, technology will not save the day. Having fingerprint scanners integrated into a firearm’s grip or wearing a watch that electronically interacts with the computer in the gun is rather pointless. Yes, it could keep an intruder from using it, or could stop a child from accidentally setting it off, but what happens when this technology malfunctions or runs out of battery when you need it most? In the case of the smart gun that requires the user to wear a watch that has a microchip implanted in it, what happens when the user forgets or loses his watch? His firearm would become a practically useless club.

Mr. Markey speculates that this bill would also reduce suicides. With all due respect, people can and do kill themselves with a multitude of things, not just guns. We should be vigilant about locking up our weapons and teaching safe handling of firearms, but this technology is not the “Silver Bullet.”

Ben McCammon, age 17, Cascade

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