Letter: Minimum wage

March 11, 2014 

Raising the minimum wage is not the answer. The minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage. Minimum wage jobs are entry-level, no-experience, no- education jobs.

The problem is employers are not paying qualified employees a living wage. For example, in looking at job positions, they are asking for experience, education plus a list of job responsibilities and only paying $10-12 an hour. Now with the education you should think they have student loans; with experience they are probably not living with mom and dad (but with this pay that’s why); and may have a family. Idaho is listed at the bottom of the pay scale and this is why: $10 an hour is still not a living wage.

When an employee gains experience, the employer needs to give raises. And if you really believe that your $1 value meal will not go up, guess again. Also, if the minimum wage goes up, do the people that are currently earning $8.50-9.25 get a raise or are we creating a bigger pool of minimum-wage earners?


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