Otter staff met Monday with student opponents of campus gun bill

March 10, 2014 

Student leaders expected to meet with Gov. Butch Otter Monday morning to urge him to veto Senate Bill 1254, which would allow students 21 and older who complete enhanced training to carry firearms on Idaho's eight publicly funded college campuses. The bill is opposed by all eight college president and the State Board of Education. The police chiefs in Moscow, home to the University of Idaho, and Boise, home to Boise State University, also oppose the bill.

Instead, they met with Otter's staff. Among the students on hand were Boise State student President Bryan Vlok, BSU student Vice President Cassie Sullivan, College of Western Idaho student Vice President Megan Greco and Ashley Morehouse, a lobbyist for University of Idaho students. They also carried statements opposing the bill from Lewis Clark State College Sam Carlson and NIC student President Benaiah Cheevers.

The student leaders have gathered about 4,000 signatures and letters of opposition to the bill, which passed the House 50-19 on Thursday. Earlier, the Senate approved the bill 25-10. Only a veto from Otter will keep the measure from becoming law on July 1.

The bill's supporters argue that it honors a citizen's right to bear arms while increasing safety on college campuses.

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