Letter: Do dairymen fear what consumers will see?

March 9, 2014 

Guess who’s stampeding people and raping cattle? No, it’s not “Blazing Saddles,” and thanks to Idaho’s Republican-run Legislature, Senate Bill 1337— Sen. Patrick’s aptly named ag-gag bill — we got a glimpse, but we’ll never know!

The bill states a person found guilty of “a crime of interference”…. jail time up to one year ... fine to $5,000.

Why, when there’s a “destruction to private property law,” Idaho Statutes 18-7001, already on the books?

Because it includes documenting without permission. This comes after the 2012 animal cruelty video at Idaho’s Bettencourt Dairy (60,000 cows).

Apparently Idaho’s dairymen are afraid of what consumers will see. Why cower behind some ill-conceived legislation?

I believe it’s not only animal rights, it’s human rights; protection from abusers; be they employees, animals or consumers. Someone jailed for snapping pictures of an animal starved or beaten even on public land —it’s not right!

Why should my family buy from multinational companies operating in Idaho, including agribusiness giants; Chobani, Glanbia, Bettencourt’s Idaho Milk Products, Darigold milk cooperative, and ConAgra Lamb Weston, if they are willing to look the other way and allow abuse behind closed gates?

We’ve a right to food from healthy animals without abuse!

Julie Randell, Kimberly

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