Letter: Citizen responsibilities

March 9, 2014 

After considerable research and opinions of experts in this field, I have come to the conclusion that nowhere in the Constitution or Bill Of Rights of the republic of the United States of America is there wording that gives people the right not to be offended. People have different opinions as to names of schools, teams, race and theological points and have so stated their opinions to no avail, and so might I suggest that they get over it and accept things the way they are? They should accept their responsibility as a citizen of this constitutional republic and be a contributing citizen instead of trying to tear things down that many, many people both in uniform, and out, have died to protect for hundreds of years.

The liberal bent of some of the people seem to have the opinion that if they don’t like something, they should try to make it illegal instead of just not participating in the activity. They also seem to think that anything they want should be paid for by the U.S. Treasury and the U.S. taxpayer by calling it a human right, which of course it is not.

Alfred Paul (AP) Jones, Lewiston

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