What’s new at your Treasure Valley libraries

March 9, 2014 



“What We Found in the Sofa and How It Saved the World” by Henry Clark

Juvenile fiction. A sentient couch fueled by dust bunnies. A portal to another universe by way of a 12-year-old fire. Flash mobs that are strange mind-control experiments. And a dark green crayon that is labeled “zucchini.” These are just a few of the things that Freak, Fiona and River have to deal with when they find a mysterious abandoned couch and decide to look for change under the cushions.



“VIII” by H.M. Castor

Teen fiction. Hal is a young man with extraordinary gifts: astonishing warrior skills, sharp intelligence and a fierce sense of honor and virtue. Though his older brother will be the next king of England, Hal knows he is also destined for greatness. But even as his future unfolds in front of him, he is haunted by the ghosts of his family’s violent past. As Hal embarks on a journey to absolute power, he will have to embrace his demons in order to become one of the greatest and most terrible kings the world has ever known.



“Falcon in the Glass” by Susan Fletcher

Juvenile fiction. Renzo is a young man who is fighting exhaustion and trying to learn glassmaking in Italy in order to achieve an apprenticeship and help support his family after his father was assassinated by The Ten, a powerful political group in the city. He is distracted late in the night by a small kestrel, which leads him into the world of a small group of marginalized outcast children who can communicate with birds.



“The Winter People” by Jennifer McMahon

Adult fiction. Alice and her daughters, Fawn and Ruthie, have chosen to live a secluded life in an old Vermont farmhouse. Their town has always been enshrouded in old legends, the most prominent being the story of a woman who was found dead on her property just months after the death of her daughter. However, when Alice suddenly disappears, the stories become very real to Ruthie, who is faced with the task of finding her mother amid an increasingly mysterious string of events.



“That Is Not a Good Idea” by Mo Willems

Children’s picture book. One day, a very hungry fox meets a very plump goose. A dinner invitation is offered. Will the dinner go as planned? Find out in this delightful picture book.



“Private L.A.” by James Patterson

Adult fiction. When Hollywood’s biggest superstar couple disappears without a word from their ranch, private investigator Jack Morgan confronts dangerous secrets to expose an underworld of desperation and deception.

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