Letter: University leaders wrong on guns

March 7, 2014 

Opposition to concealed carry on campus by the leadership of Idaho's institutes of higher education is a tacit admission of failure. They have failed in their mission to train and educate responsible young adults. The proposed bill limits carry to those 21 or older (adults) and they have to have the required training to obtain an Enhanced Idaho Carry Concealed Carry Permit. They use the fallback position that these are our "kids" - these are not kids; at 21 they are responsible adults.

Each of these institutions has students who are veterans and receive VA dollars for their education. These school leaders want to take away one of the very rights that these students served and put their lives on the line for. Schools can regulate "hazardous recreational activities" such as smoking and drinking, but do not have the right to regulate constitutional rights and the right to self defense.

Finally, they speak of "local control." I am all for local control - by our elected officials. University and college officials are not elected officials. And it appears that they are currently reacting to this bill using pure emotion and personal political feelings.


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