Letter: No guns on campus

March 7, 2014 

Have you ever read the witness accounts from school shooting tragedies? They describe situations of sheer panic. Many witnesses express they had no idea from where shots were coming. Imagine you are in a busy lecture hall with 300 students and you hear gunshots. There will be screaming and pandemonium. If 10 percent of students in the room are armed, 30 people have guns drawn and none has urban tactical training. When stress is at this level, even highly trained police officers and military personal make mistakes. I don't see how putting that burden on a 21-year-old college student makes sense. It is possible that one of the students has the wherewithal to get it right. But based on the lack of training and confusion, I think it likely that innocent people get hurt.

Can you carry a gun on a plane or into a football stadium? No, because laws have been created to limit the right to bear arms for the greater good. Guns on college campuses are inappropriate.

Evan Daniels, Boise

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