Letter: Security at BSU

March 7, 2014 

BSU thinks it will need to spend $3 million to arm security guards in response to the Legislature permitting concealed weapons on college campuses. I think that is the wrong approach. FBI analysis indicates that the average shooter incident lasts 12 minutes - 37 percent last less than five minutes. In 43 percent of the time, the event is over before the police arrive. I'm not saying it's a good idea to allow concealed weapons on campus, but I think the money is better spent improving lockdown initiation, campus-wide announcement and procedures. Providing quick access to shelter locations will do more to save lives than armed guards.

During the LAX shooting, a supervisor called dispatch but had to flee before giving the location, leaving responders with no usable information. Being able to activate a lockdown from multiple locations (like a fire alarm) linked to a surveillance system and gunshot tracking system, like ShotSpotters (no endorsement) or others, will allow a more immediate and coherent response by students, faculty, staff and law enforcement. We need to respond to this intelligently, not urgently.

Mike Sciales, Boise

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