Letter: Childishness at BSU

March 7, 2014 

I see that BSU claims they will need an additional $2 million per year for increased security because of the guns on campus bill. I’m not sure why the administration feels it needs the aid of expensive armed guards and metal detectors to restrict the flow of firearms, especially when it currently feels it can “guarantee” that no one will maliciously bring a firearm on campus using as surety nothing more than the magic of school policy and the intoxication of liberal delusion — and offering both at no cost!

As a parent, I know a tantrum when I see one. When a 2-year-old doesn’t get his way, he kicks, screams and makes a spectacle. As it becomes clearer that Dr. Robert Kustra’s administration isn’t going to get its way on SB 1254, the tantrum thrown involves a claim of fiscal hardship wrapped up in an inferred threat to obstruct the implementation of the new law. The Legislature, like a parent, needs to remind Kustra who is in charge of such decisions.

Greg Chaney, Caldwell

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