Survey finds 31 percent of Idahoans at risk of online fraud

March 6, 2014 

The survey conducted by the AARP found that 31 percent of Idaho residents reported behaviors that could make them vulnerable to fraud.

The national survey included 11,000 people, including 811 Idahoans. The survey asked questions about life experience and online behaviors, then compared the answers of online fraud victims to nonvictims.

The survey found that 76 percent of Idaho adults with Internet access received at least one online fraud offer in 2013. Also, 83 percent of Idahoans said they were concerned about providing personal information online, but only 22 percent with personal email accounts said they'd never change their password for accounts that include sensitive information, such as online banking or bill payments.

Here are some of the survey findings on online behaviors:

°27 percent of victims and 17 percent of nonvictims said they had opened emails from unknown sources in the last week.

°26 percent of victims and 10 percent of nonvictims said they'd clicked on pop-up ads in the last week.

°18 percent of victims and 8 percent of nonvictims had singed up for a free trial offer in the previous week.

Life experience also factored into which respondents were more likely to fall victim to online fraud.

°23 percent of victims and 10 percent of nonvictims had lost a job.

°66 percent of victims and 42 percent of nonvictims reported often or sometimes feeling isolated.

° 44 percent of victims and 23 percent of nonvictims reported experiencing a negative change in financial status during the previous two years.

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