Letter: Minimum wage

March 6, 2014 

The recent Statesman editorial concerning raising the minimum wage was very narrow-minded and was based only on owner profit. It would seem if we followed the Statesman logic, we should abolish the minimum wage we already have to have even higher profits and lower the price of the latte.

The thing I found annoying with this logic was it was missing the upside of raising the minimum wage. No consideration was brought up with the upside of raising the minimum wage in this state. Since many state services are based on income (food stamps, welfare, public housing), wouldn’t it make sense that raising the minimum wage would lower the amount of assistance that the state would pay to individuals below the poverty line?

Nothing was mentioned about how the state of Washington, which has the one of the highest minimum wages, is still thriving. I didn’t notice any McDonald’s, Burger Kings or Starbucks boarded up when I drove through that state. In fact, I believe the price of a Big Mac was the same price in Washington as it is in Idaho. How can that be, Idaho Statesman?

Gregg Stovall, Boise

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