Letter: Motor Voter Act

March 5, 2014 

Idaho is ripe for new leadership that is willing to pursue innovative ideas to make our state government more efficient. In that spirit, I am proposing the Motor Voter Act.

This is a “two birds with one stone” proposal. A majority of Idahoans need a driver’s license to get to work and conduct personal business. A visit to our driver’s license office is an errand that most of us make. Why not use that visit to register to vote?

The reasons to make this helpful change are many.

First, security. Our driver’s license offices are careful to verify our identity before issuing a license.

Second, simplicity. It’s a matter of coordinating databases so that one feeds another.

Third, convenience. We’re already there, filling out forms. Why not save ourselves time and gas?

It also saves us money. Yes, there is an initial cost as with all new startups. But, just like with business, you can’t create a better, more-cost effective system without an initial investment.

We would not only be making a smart investment to streamline and modernize our government services, we would be investing in one of our dearest freedoms: rhe freedom to vote.

Rep. Holli Woodings, District 19, Boise

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