Letter: Emergency vehicle ads

March 5, 2014 

As Paul Harvey used to say “this will rot your socks.” Phoenix, Ariz., is looking to put more money in the city’s coffers by putting advertising on the fire trucks and ambulances. They envision generating revenue by plastering ads (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box) on the emergency vehicles.

OK, does that mean they can thus lower the tax levy? No! It means there will be more money for the politicians to spend. Maybe a trip to the Bahamas for a meeting to discuss why sidewalks crack or perhaps talk about the feasibility of musical parking meters. Or, once they get the ads installed the fire trucks could drive around town with their sirens on to help the advertisers gain more taxable revenue when they are not busy answering calls. That would be a win-win in the eyes of the politicians at least. Who says conventions are nonproductive?

Why does government always think about ways to create more revenue? Why not think of ways to stop spending? No way! That’s absurd. At least they think so even if you and I don’t.

Don Layne, Cascade

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