Letter: Dog shooting in Filer

March 5, 2014 

I noticed another dog shooting in Filer, and a service dog no less, from your website. Cops shoot first, then ask questions, even though they have mace and Taser guns also. Firemen save animals first, then ask questions. Putin puts out the word to kill stray dogs so it doesn’t look bad for the Olympic games.

A giraffe at a Coppenhagen zoo was shot and literally fed to tigers. The excuse was an inbreeding issue. Many zoos wanted the giraffe, but the professor had other plans.

A slaughterhouse in California was closed due to diseased and unsound animals that were distributed to several stores.

Then there are the animal cruelty laws. You would think that the owner of the farm would be grateful to see what kind of people he has hired. These animals are the farmers’ income. Why would he want someone who beats his investment?

Don’t forget, most people who mistreat animals usually are capable of beating their wives or kids.

The animal cruelty law needs to be a first offense. Matthew Dominguez of the Humane Society of the United [0x13]States thinks so, but apparently Sen. Jim Patrick thinks differently.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise

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