Letter: Boulder-White Clouds National Monument

March 5, 2014 

Many thanks to the Blaine County Commissioners for expressing their unanimous support for the proposed Boulder-White Clouds National Monument. I appreciated them holding hearings and listening to many voices on this issue, the majority of which were in favor of the monument.

A monument designation would be great for conservation. It would enable the vast acreage that is not in the SNRA to be elevated to SNRA protection levels or higher, eliminating threats from mining, over-grazing, and suboptimal ORV use. And the entire monument could be integrated into a single management plan, rather than fragmented oversight.

A monument designation would be great for the economy of the Wood River Valley and other nearby communities. Our local tourism dollars depend on this scenic backdrop. The management plan that would be crafted after the designation would allow input from the many constituencies that enjoy recreation in the Boulder-White Clouds, enabling us to write a plan for all of Idaho.

A Boulder-White Clouds Monument designation would be great for our children and future generations, giving them a lasting gift of preserved irreplaceable beauty.

Elaine French, Ketchum

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