Letter: Conservatives

March 5, 2014 

I have recently read or heard the thoughts of some of the leading liberals concerning their opinion of conservatives. I will talk on the thoughts of the liberal in New York in the interest of brevity. His statement that there is no place for conservatives in New York raises some concerns. How do you identify a conservative? Let’s assume you can with the power of the government, then what?

In the interest of the state making sure everyone knows who these evil people are perhaps they should be required to wear an armband. Maybe a circle with the letter C in the middle. They would have to be relocated maybe into some kind of camp where the evil ones could be concentrated for easy observation.

Hey, maybe we could call them concentration camps. We could start getting rid of them through attrition which will occur naturally through Obamacare. Some of child-bearing age could be sterilized to keep numbers down. I realize this does not completely solve the problem but it gives tolerant liberals time to come up with a final solution to the conservative question. What do you think?

Jeffrey Larson, Nampa

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