BPD finds 9 percent of businesses checked sold alcohol to minors

March 4, 2014 

Efforts to enforce Idaho's underage drinking laws continued in Boise over the weekend as police officers conducted a routine check on businesses that sell or serve alcohol.

Officers checked 89 businesses scattered across the city and found eight — three restaurants and five stores — served or sold alcohol to a minor. That’s about the same percentage as the last check, which was conducted in December, police said.

Establishments cited for serving or selling to a minor this past weekend were:

• Grocery Outlet, 5544 Fairview Ave.

• Sono Bana Restaurant, 303 N. Orchard St.

• Luciano’s Italian Restaurant, 11 N. Orchard St.

• Albertson's, Orchard and Overland

• Jackson's, Vista & Sunrise Rim

• Albertson's, Federal Way

• M&W Market, 1835 Warm Springs Ave.

• Chili's Restaurant, 916 S. Broadway Ave.

Officers responded to several citizen complaints about loud parties that involved underage drinking on Saturday, police said. Officers issued 19 citations to minors possessing alcohol.

A person who sells or provides alcohol to people under age 21 will face fines between $500 and $1,000 plus up to one year in jail.

Maximum penalties for licensed establishments that sell alcohol to minors are:

1st offense within three years - 10 day license suspension or $1,000 fine

2nd offense within three years - 30 day license suspension or 15 day suspension and $1,500 fine.

3rd offense within three years - 180 day license suspension

The Boise Police Department provides free training to employees of businesses on Idaho alcohol laws, recognizing fake IDs and how to prevent over-service. For information, call the Boise Police Alcohol Compliance Officer at 426-4499.

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