Letter: Civility

March 4, 2014 

I agree with Morris Bastian (Feb 7 Letters to the Editor) that Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks made some coarse, discourteous and inflammatory comments immediately following the NFC Championship game.

However, shortly after talking to his coach, he apologized for his comments and for the verbal attack on another player. And for the rest of the pre-Super Bowl media appearances, most agree that he conducted himself in a civil and professional manner.

Richard said he used this as a learning experience, and let’s also keep in mind that Peyton Manning is 10-15 years older and has many more years of experience playing in the NFL and dealing with the media.

The media played a role in this as well. There is a policy of giving the players a 15-minute cooling off period before sticking a microphone in their face. That’s why the policy was put in place, to avoid these kinds of outbursts.

I think we need to give a second look to people like Richard Sherman, who grew up in a tough neighborhood, but nevertheless went on to college at Stanford and now is considered one of the best cornerbacks in football.


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