Letter: Republican Party

March 4, 2014 

Readers, facts show more Idahoans are working for minimum wage than in any other state and that the Republican Party, which you continue to vote for, is the party opposing raising the minimum wage. What are you thinking voting Republican, Idaho? Self destruction/suicide?

In my town, breakfast costs a minimum of $10 without coffee. Here in Idaho, where the majority vote for the Republican Party, which stands against increasing the minimum wage, most voters earn only $7.25 an hour. Oppressive. This means most Idahoans going out to breakfast must work almost two hours to enjoy a good breakfast.

If Idaho’s Republican Party (your elected representatives), would have joined many other states that raised their minimum wage Jan. 1 to $10/hour, don’t you think that would help your situation?

Then there’s the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Why stand/vote with Republicans who oppose “ACA” which helps low income people (like you) get affordable health care? Refuting deceptions that Fox “News”/Republicans spew out are actual actions/facts showing democratic policies/actions support your prosperity while Republican policies/actions stand against your prosperity.

Impoverished Idaho voting Republican is simply insanity. Pay attention Idaho. Only you can improve your future. This coming election, vote out your Republican oppressors and prosper.


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