Letter: Guns on campus not the top issue

March 2, 2014 

Guns on campus is a nonissue as far as what bedevils Idahoans the most. Legislators need to spend time solving the problems of economic/job growth. Granted, legislators represent their constituents who may have issues with guns or words and let their representatives know by continuous talking, but the silent majority want jobs and a growing tax base. Supplementing schools with levy to levy funding is pathetic.

As to guns on campus, Lewis and Clark demonstrated their fearsome air rifle to every Indian tribe they met as they journeyed West. The demonstration gun was implied to be one of many that the party carried under wraps. No Indian tribe challenged the party knowing that maybe there were more. If allowed to carry, adults on campus may choose to do so or not. The “possible” gun is the deterrent.

As to having inexperienced adults with guns madly spraying bullets under stress, if they choose to carry, they should carry responsibly. They go to the range. It becomes a hobby. They get good with practice. Nobody that cares shoots 98 times to get a license then stops. That is as pathetic to suggest as continuous levy to levy funding is for schools.

Bill Eisenbarth, Boise

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