Letter: Otter’s comments offensive

February 27, 2014 

I must say that I am extremely offended by Gov. Butch Otter’s comments about Idaho’s anti-gay reputation not hurting business recruitment in Idaho. As far as I know, Gov. Otter does not work for businesses. He, I thought, was supposed to be working for the people of Idaho, all the people. The Add the Words campaign is about human dignity and equal protection under the law. And why is making discrimination legal a religious right? And two, why is it even OK in any scenario?

I love Idaho and its people, all its people. I would like my son, as others would say, my gay son, to make Idaho his home after college. I don’t need a governor to say “good luck” with work, hope you don’t get fired for being yourself. I would like a governor to lead a state and say, “We want talented and creative people to make Idaho their home and start businesses, and in that process discrimination will not be tolerated. Idaho is not a place for hate.”

Kathy Van Vactor, Boise

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