Letter: A laughable legislative session

February 27, 2014 

In December I attended a legislative review meeting sponsored by the Association of Idaho Cities. At that meeting it was crystal clear that no meaningful legislation would move because it was not the right time, i.e., an election year. As the session evolves, no truer words were ever spoken.

Idaho has real problems, crumbling infrastructure, 100,000 people without health insurance, underfunded education and the lowest wages in the country. These problems are solvable. However, it takes political will and courage. Our leadership believes their political hide is more important than the people they serve and thus continue to fail Idaho.

The bills passing through the Capitol are laughable. Bills that codify discrimination, guns on college campuses, eroding municipalities’ control over building codes and institutionalizing discrimination, most without a hearing and all damaging to the reputation of our beautiful state.

If you are not going to work on passing meaningful legislation, do us a favor and take a vacation. Sending our legislators home would save us all money and heartache.

Jackie J. Aymon, McCall

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