Letter: Add the Words — a simple fix

February 27, 2014 

Here’s a liberal human rights daydream I wish to share. I wonder if there are points on which we can agree.

I envision a state where gays feel welcome. Where that welcoming attitude draws entrepreneurs who form new companies. Where those companies thrive and generate jobs and expand tax bases. When I meet that CEO, we talk business and sports and weather. And if he/she introduces me to their partner, I shake hands and say, “Pleased to meet you,” and there is no drama. We don’t talk about anyone’s sexuality. That is none of my business and it would be rude to engage this topic.

Idaho could be a magnet for these kinds of intelligent and community-minded individuals. But if we don’t Add the Words, that critical environment of trust and welcoming simply is not present.

Do you think that failure to Add the Words is not a big deal? My belief is that it is a primary factor in not attracting these kinds of individuals to Idaho. And we can fix that with some simple legislation that speaks to the heart of human rights in this state.

John Lodal, Boise

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