Letter: Gun permits

February 27, 2014 

Some politicians believe their status exempts them from certain rules governing “common folk.” Those opposing a proposed law that would require them to obtain a concealed permit to carrying a hidden gun in public are in that category.

A perfect example is Rep. Lenore Barrett, who opposes the bill because she resents being “fingerprinted.” Poor baby! Talk about an arrogant elitist. She should have been fingerprinted when she attempted to bring a hidden gun and 56 rounds of ammo aboard an airplane.

Rep. Vito Barbieri opposes the bill because newly elected officials would have to “wait” for a permit to be issued. Nonsense — plan ahead, or would that be too difficult for a politician?

It’s possible some politicians oppose the bill because they have something to hide. If politicians want to be considered “one of us,” they should prove it by passing this bill. There’s no logical reason or excuse to vote otherwise, unless they’re hiding something.

Bob Hanson, Boise

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