Letter: Caught on videotape

February 27, 2014 

I would like to know why anyone in their right mind could condone treating animals the way they’ve been treated in these videos that I’ve seen, some of them right here in Idaho.

Now why would you even consider making a bill and try to make it a law that will protect people who do this sort of thing? Idaho’s Ag-Gag bill should not be implemented.

Remember years ago, auto repair shops were ripping off their customers and people started catching them on video? It prompted many changes in that industry and it’s a better industry because of it.

I work in an auto repair shop now and did back then; I know that it has helped. Now don’t you think exposing these atrocities will help that industry as well? I sure do.

You can come into my place of work anytime and videotape us. Do you know why? Because we are honest, good people who try to do what is right at all times. So should the agriculture workers, and so should you.

Do what is honest and right.

Wayne Croft, Boise

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