Letter: Dairy industry would rather hide

February 27, 2014 

The Ag-Gag bill is bad for animals, bad for business.

If our state’s dairy CEOs want to keep pushing their product as wholesome, they should immediately abandon their blatant attempt to criminalize those who are raising concerns about the industry’s conduct. Most of us remember the shocking scenes of Bettencourt Dairy employees viciously beating and shocking cows, and dragging one ailing cow by her neck with a chain hitched to a tractor. While the images still disturb me, I am grateful to the investigator who brought them to light. I am infuriated, however, that the dairy producers’ response is to try to pass a bill like 1337 to stop an investigation like that from occurring in the first place.

This legislation sends a message that rather than cleaning up its act, the industry would rather hide behind closed doors. What a terrible business strategy.

Sarah Barker, Twin Falls

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