Fish Rap: It’s raining on our fishing parade

February 27, 2014 

One of my favorite things is saying it’s going to be “sunny and 60.” I occasionally try to bluff my friends into going fishing during winter by saying the weather report is calling for it, even though we both know better. Guess what weather arrived this week? Sunny and 60.

So of course I got all jacked up about going fishing, among other things, and even started agonizing because I knew whatever fun and productive place I would be fishing, someone else would be someplace else and I wouldn’t be there.

But then I looked at the weather forecast for the weekend. What the heck? What happened to sunny and 60? Looks more like rainy and 46 for Boise and 16 and snowy in McCall.

I know spring weather is more of a tease than reality in February, and as much as I love the first commutes to work on the motorcycle and wearing only two layers of clothing on mountain bike rides, I know it’s temporary.

But I also know once those fish wake up from their winter slumber, even a few degrees of change (for better or worse) can make a huge difference.

With that I leave you the option of sitting on the sidelines and hoping for better weather, or throwing on the rain gear and going for it. Rainy and 40s is still more comfortable than sub-freezing weather where the ferrules on your rod grow icicles.

Despite Idaho’s year-round fishing, those first warm, sunny days still feel like the start of “fishing season,” so if you haven’t gone yet, at least get your gear ready.

By the way, stop by and say hello from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at the Idaho Sportsman Show.

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