Boise high schools to squeeze in time for more electives

February 26, 2014 

Boise School District will change high school class schedules next fall to make room for students to take more electives.

An increasing number of students are using their electives to take support classes to help them get into college or improve their math skills in the face of challenging classes that are part of the new Idaho Core Standard. That leaves fewer class periods for more traditional electives such as music or art.

Beginning in August, the district will add a seventh period to the class day, which will allow students to take an additional six electives over their high school careers.

A number of students take required classes during summer school to make room for electives during the regular school year, said Stacie Curry, a Boise School District area director. Others enroll in zero-hour elective classes, given before the official start of the school day. But there are no buses for those classes.

"That limits kids if you don't have transportation," Curry said.

The Boise School District's four traditional high schools will all undergo schedule changes. Those with a regular six-period day will have a seventh period added. Those on modified block schedules, where students meet for a longer time, typically every other day, will see an additional daily period added to their schedules.

Classes that typically run from 57 to 59 minutes could go to between 52 and 55 minutes.

Schools are expected to begin at their regular times, but they could add a few extra minutes in the afternoon.

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