Boise police alert North End residents to series of burglaries

February 26, 2014 

Boise police used the social media app Nextdoor to alert residents in the North End neighborhood to a series of eight burglaries since November.

The department also put out a press release Tuesday about the burglaries, which had these things in common:

— The burglaries are occurring mainly on weekends to homes where the occupants are away.

— Many of the homes targeted back up to open space, natural parkland and foothills trails.

— Officers believe the thieves are looking for homes that have no interior lights on when night falls.

— They cut power and phone lines to the homes and break into a back door to gain entry.

— The thieves are taking expensive jewelry and other high end items. Identifying items including passports have also been stolen.

Police say the public can help by watching for unfamiliar cars in neighborhoods and activity in parks that are closed. They urge residents to report suspicious behavior.

Some ways you can protect your home: Share information about going out of town with trusted neighbors, have a battery backup to your alarm system, install a trail cam or motion-activated security camera system (in front and back of home), use timers to active lights, radios or TVs inside and outside the house and document valuables (take photos of jewelry and other items).

For other crime prevention tips, click here.

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