Letter: Animals will suffer if bill passes

February 26, 2014 

I read with much dismay that a partial Senate vote for the Ag-Gag bill passed. Don't the dairy farmers realize this is seen only as a ploy to get by with horrendous animal abuse? If it weren't for inside cameras, we would have no way of knowing how extensive the abuse is. Videotaped abuse of cattle has shown them being beaten, kicked, stomped, pulled up by their ears and tails, as well as being victims of electrical prods.

I believe this is inhumane and should not be allowed to continue and increase. One calf was lying down with a broken leg, but the dairy worker forced him to stand up, saying he was lazy. Animal abuse is a continuing problem in Idaho. It is only a misdemeanor in Idaho. We should be imposing felony charges for these animal abusers! I hope that the full Senate vote will not be to pass the Ag-Gag bill. The animals will suffer even more because the abusers won't be accountable at all.

Carol Gorman, Garden Valley

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