Letter: No to Ag-Gag bill

February 26, 2014 

I am against the Ag-Gag bill.

The animal feeding operations and dairies backing the bill are trying to say that it is like someone sneaking into your home and taking photos of your kids. This is not like sneaking into a private home. We are talking about a business that serves the public. A business that can do great damage to the public if it does not maintain the correct standards. We have recently had over 8 million pounds of beef recalled because they slaughtered sick cattle. Too bad we did not have one of these activists filming them. Our kids would not be eating sick beef today.

If these companies were good stewards of livestock, there would be no reason for an Ag-Gag law. No one would want to gain access to their operation to take photos or videos of animal abuse.

Meg Allen, Pocatello

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