Letter: Constitutional action

February 25, 2014 

Sen. Curt McKenzie of Nampa is calling for a Constitutional Convention for a balanced budget amendment to be limited to that subject only by another amendment. Does he not understand that once a Constitutional Convention is convened, the parties no longer are in any way obligated to adhere to any directives, stipulations, limitations or regulations agreed to prior to the said Convention. In short, they answer to absolutely nobody. There is no control of any subject matter, actions taken, changes made to our Constitution up to and including any feature that might be not to their liking. That was the concern of Chief Justice Warren Burger and other Constitutional scholars years ago in warning the nation against this procedure.

Some states have rescinded their consent to calling for a Constitutional Convention; only to be met with the claim/protest that the consent cannot be revoked. That remains to be seen; but there can be no doubt that this is something we do not want to expose ourselves to. If an amendment can’t be passed in the usual manner; forget it. It would likely not be ratified by the states. This is dangerous. Don’t fool with it — ever.


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