Letter: CCA investigation

February 25, 2014 

As a former Prison Fellowship volunteer I wondered about the stories inmates told of how CCA was running the Idaho Correctional Center. I was surprised and encouraged when a lawsuit brought by some inmates revealed the veracity of those stories. I was also encouraged when it was announced that “a criminal probe would be launched.”

The proper word for my anger escapes me when I read in the Statesman recently that “no investigation was done” by the Idaho State Police in this case! The story basically indicates that CCA is going to pay the state $1 million to make this whole unpleasant mess go away! Sounds like Dr. Evil has returned!

The audit by KPMG revealed that CCA overbilled the state for 26,000 hours for 2012. Are we to assume there were no improprieties prior to 2012? How much did the audit cost and who paid for it?

Why was “no detective ... assigned” to the case? According to IDOC, an ISP officer was present at these meetings. Exactly what was his role? That’s a lot of money to pay for a potted plant! Why isn’t anyone currently assigned to the case? Surely the statute of limitations doesn’t apply!


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