Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Feb. 23

February 23, 2014 


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High school wrestling

Dear Idaho Statesman, and especially the sportswriters: Last week through work, I found out the No. 45 and No. 41 wrestling high schools in the nation were going head-to-head.

Although I am not an expert wrestling fan, I thought it was pretty cool. To my displeasure, the Statesman had very little to no coverage of this. After the two schools met in what I heard to be an amazing night of wrestling, I have yet to read about it. Shame on you for the lack of coverage.

We have two top-50 schools in the nation and you have poor coverage of it. As Ron Burgundy would say, "That's bush league."

Please own up to your lack of coverage and print this letter. Congrats Kuna and Centennial - top 50 is something to be proud of.



The Olympics are great to watch. You get to see all kinds of winter sports and much more. The problem I have with the broadcast by NBC is they do not cover all of the events very well.

Figure skating is very popular, and you see a lot of it. Curling is a wacky sport, but is still kind of fun to watch for a while (you see a lot of it). I watch it for 10 or

20 minutes, then move onto something else.

A sport that a lot of people in Idaho participate in, and like to see on TV, is given no time at all. That sport would be ski racing. The men's downhill was shown (Sunday) and got about as much time as I spend watching curling. I watched maybe 10 racers run a tough course, then that was it. Gold, silver and bronze medalists were announced and that was it.

As an old ski racer (1970s and '80s), then a racing coach and instructor (retired now), I would like to see a good broadcast from NBC of a hairy, scary event - and fun, too.

Poor job by NBC.


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