Letter: Campus gun legislation

February 23, 2014 

Guns in colleges? On this issue, the governor and state legislators are not listening to our law enforcers, students and educators across the state. This capricious bill is not wanted by key stakeholders, nor necessary.

I will not send my kids to a college where their chances of being shot, or their peers shooting themselves, are increased by the presence of guns. Our state already has a high rate of suicide, and poor access to behavioral health services. That, added to the stress (and alcohol use) in college campuses, begs the question of why this law is needed.

College students should go to class worrying about whether their papers and presentations are on point, not whether today is the day they get to use their weapon to stop a bad guy.

We hear from state legislators that they “haven't heard opposition” to unbelievable bills like this one. I urge your readers to write them and tell them they oppose this bill — not to assume someone else will. As for the economic impact of this measure, if the bill passes I intend to take the business of my kids’ higher education elsewhere.


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