Letter: Idaho Power

February 23, 2014 

At a recent PUC meeting I was told by a commissioner that Idaho Power Co. can print whatever they want in their bill inserts because of the 1st Amendment. The PUC either does not have the authority to properly regulate or does not have the will.

The PUC commissioners are the regulators for the electric utility monopoly called Idaho Power. Many states have deregulated electrical utilities so you can buy electricity from whomever you want. In these cases free market capitalism acts as the regulator to give customers what they demand. In Idaho the PUC is the regulator that is suppose to give customers what they demand.

Without much study, it is hard for customers to separate truth from deception. The devil is in the details. The commissioner suggested not reading the bill inserts, which might be good advice. When getting your next electric bill either recycle the inserts or burn them because they may contain misleading information.

Where do you think the money comes from to print those bill inserts? Where do you think the money comes from to pay the multimillion-dollar compensation for the CEO? The PUC does have the authority to regulate the rate of return Idaho Power receives.


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