Letter: Minimum wage

February 23, 2014 

Interesting that one of the largest employers in Boise, the Idaho Statesman, that is owned by an out of state company, McClatchy Media, would use its position in the community as the largest news source in the area to attack efforts to raise the minimum wage in Idaho. Not only does the Statesman try painting the efforts of the few brave souls in the area who question whether $7.25 per hour is in fact a living wage as being selfish, but then goes on to attempt to hang our pitiful economic standing in the country solely on our “shortcomings in Education.”

I further note the Statesman bluntly refuses to mention the major hit both the blue collar and middle class wage earner took in Idaho during the recent recession and how a raise in wages would especially help these folks. The underlying tone of the editorial in fact reminds me of nothing so much as when Dickens’ starving Oliver Twist, when presented with a scant fish head, asks for a second helping of food in the Work House: “More please,” and is met instead by invective and a good thrashing from the overseer. So yes, “More please.”


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