Letter: 14th Amendment

February 23, 2014 

It’s not the 1st, 2nd or even 17th amendment to the Constitution that is the problem. It is actually the 14th. Originally added to ensure that African Americans would be treated like human beings before the law, it has been used as justification for the equal rights cases that have caused so much friction in America and underlies Roe vs. Wade and most recently the gay marriage decisions.

However, in these cases it was used correctly. The downfall of America happened in 1886 when the Supreme Court in “Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad” used the 14th amendment to declare corporations “people” before the law. Then began the long string of judicial decisions that have expanded upon those rights, and corporate control over America.

In “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” the flood gates were opened to corporate money. It was the 14th that justified it. Corporations as people should disturb anyone who loves the Constitution and the intent of the 14th. It should cause theological outrage from the religious right. Our founders would never support this interpretation.

Everyone should be disturbed by this, but no one is. Sad.


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