Letter: Medicaid redesign

February 23, 2014 

Makes me sad. I work with hard-working, lower income folks every day. Every day! They don’t understand. Most Idahoans don’t understand.

“Why don’t they just sign up for Obamacare?” my friends ask me. The answer: They do not qualify. “But they get Medicaid so they don’t need Obamacare, right?” Wrong ... They do not qualify. Many Idahoans don’t even know about “The Gap.” The sad thing is that our legislators do know about “The Gap” but are choosing to do nothing about it. It’s an election year, right?

I wish our legislators would go out and talk to the people who are cutting their hair, rolling their sushi, cleaning their toilets and mopping their floors. Ask them how much their last doctor/ER visit cost them. Ask them how many hours a week they work.

Ask them how many jobs they have. Ask them if they are relying on the additional income of their 17-year-old son who is working at McDonald’s and trying to finish high school.

Talk to your constituents, all of them, not just the tea party folks. Idaho legislators, shame on you.


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