Letter: Boulder-White Clouds

February 22, 2014 

Let’s have the truth.

The Idaho Conservation League has been asked for details and specifics surrounding the creation of a National Monument in the Boulder-White Clouds region of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Their replies sound like “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” They offer no details about how this declaration will affect the many uses on the land nor do they say why they think Public Law 92-400, which created the SNRA, is not working.

The truth is, the current SNRA is working. For 40 years the Forest Service has worked successfully with the Sawtooth Society and others in managing Idaho’s crown jewel, the SNRA. Federal government overreach will not solve some imagined threat to the area.

The ICL and the man pulling their strings, Cecil Andrus, hope to get Obama to declare the Boulder-White Clouds region a national monument but when pressed for specifics they have refused to supply any. Is this nothing more than a ploy to placate ICL donors who are unhappy with the failed decadelong wilderness push and for the former governor to have his name enshrined as the Cecil D. Andrus National Monument?

Phil Ackerman, Eagle

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