Fish Rap: Jumping the gun on spring fishing

rphillips@idahostatesman.comFebruary 20, 2014 

What’s the difference between last week and this week? Temperature wise, not much. But attitude wise? I feel like we’re starting to cross that invisible threshold into spring, or technically, spring-like conditions.

As much as I would love to wave my magic wand and make this weekend sunny and 60, it’s not going to happen. But on the other hand, the weather is improving, and heading out for a day of fishing doesn’t feel like you’re being punished.

Going bare-handed last weekend and not ending up with claw hands felt like a treat.

My fishing buddies and I are starting to check a few spots, and the reports coming back are promising. Rivers are starting to fish better, and I’m hearing a few scattered reports of people catching panfish and random, confused bass that don’t realize they’re supposed to be hibernating.

The days are getting longer, the fish stocking truck is rumbling around the valley, and Zimo spotted marmots around his house. What more do you want?

So what this preamble is leading up to is that it’s time to get started fishing if you haven’t done so already. Break out the gear, dust off the boat, and go. Don’t expect the weather to be perfect, but don’t let it stop you.

Last weekend, I started a fishing trip in a driving rainstorm and ended it in warm, dry weather that felt downright cozy.

Even if you just grab a rod and hit a local pond or the Boise River, give it a go. You will be surprised how quickly that burning desire to catch a fish comes back.

And remember my old saying: It’s always better to give a fishing report than to hear one.

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