Boise mayor, council support Masterson

Boise - The Idaho StatesmanFebruary 18, 2014 

— Last week, Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson sent an email to Mayor David Bieter and City Council President, telling them about his plans to publicly oppose State Sen. Curt McKenzie’s guns on campus bill, Boise spokesman Adam Park said.

Both Bieter and Jordan support Masterson’s opposition of S.B. 1254, which seeks to allow retired law enforcement officers or people 21 or older who have enhanced concealed-carry permits to carry guns on public college campuses. But neither one helped Masterson craft his message, Park said.

Masterson’s opposition to McKenzie’s bill took on a new tone Wednesday when McKenzie didn’t allow Masterson and two other police chiefs to testify against it. McKenzie is chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee, which considered the bill last week and advanced it with a 7-2 party-line vote for discussion by the full Senate. 

Masterson protested, claiming McKenzie intentionally silenced him. He wrote a guest editorial for Sunday’s Idaho Statesman detailing his reasons for opposing McKenzie’s bill. He’s scheduled to speak about his take on the bill and the committee hearing this Wednesday at St. Michael’s Episcopal Cathedral in Boise.

In addition to Jordan, the rest of the council was briefed on Masterson’s stance, Park said. Councilwoman Lauren McLean said Tuesday that she supports the chief.

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