Letter: Low wages

February 18, 2014 

Concerning Robert Mitchell’s Feb. 1 letter on low wages.

This is exactly the mentality that is crushing the working poor in Idaho and the nation. It’s clear Mr. Mitchell does not understand this hardship we face — $7.25 hour for basic living expenses is a slap in the face. When people are paid a living wage, the money is injected back into the economy, which increases demand and jobs.

I have been in the retail and construction business most of my 47 years, and I understand the bottom line and the profit margins. If paid a living wage, the working poor would not have to rely on welfare to survive.

Idaho is ranked at the bottom in wages because our politicians simply do not care about the people who actually supply the labor for these companies. They gave us right to work, and look how that has turned out. How many tax breaks for these companies must we endure at the expense of the working poor? The working poor are not the problem, most just want to be able to put a roof over their family’s head and feed them.


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