Letter: Rep. Luker’s bills

February 17, 2014 

I don’t understand what religion it is that businesspeople could belong to that prevents them from serving gay people. Christians don’t all agree on the details, but I think all accept Jesus’ commandments to love God and your neighbor. Over the last 20 or 30 years, haven’t we learned that gay people are our neighbors, and even part of our families?

Do these same businesspeople refuse service to people who disrespect their parents? Or people who covet their neighbor’s wife? Or swear? Or use birth control? I have to laugh to think of the questionnaire I might be faced with as a potential customer!

Some people have strongly held religious beliefs against women in public places. Others have strongly held religious beliefs against eating meat. And most religions seems to feel nonbelievers are damned.

The Idaho Legislature is wasting time and money considering a silly, impractical, unworkable bill that would protect the selective application of religious belief to discriminate against gay people. It’s time to move on to other matters.


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