Letter: Rep. Luker’s bills

February 17, 2014 

I applaud the courage of Rep. Lynn Luker to introduce a bill into the Idaho Legislature to prevent any businessperson to have to face a lawsuit and go to court to defend their rights and have their license revoked just because they refused to perform a service for someone when performing that service would violate their religious convictions, as in the case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon and a photographer in New Mexico (Statesman, Jan. 29, page A4).

The courts in America are increasingly making judgments against Christians. (See ChristianPersecutioninAmerica.com.) Because of recent laws and judgments against Christians, judges can now not only take away a person’s license, but they can face a fine so huge that it will force them into bankruptcy and throw them out of business! And this is in direct violation of the First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution, which states that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...” Because of this, I urge Rep. Luker to rewrite his bill to prohibit any judge from making any kind of judgment, financial or otherwise, against any person who exercises his right to withhold service to anyone.


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