Letter: Hazards while driving

February 17, 2014 

I loved the editorial page cartoon of Jan. 16 that showed a man bragging about his smartwatch about to step into an open manhole in the street. It reminded me of the TV commercial showing a man texting on his phone about to walk into the side of a moving bus. Technology may be getting smarter; people aren’t.

We can’t even stop drunken driving, and now there are all these gadgets for people to play with behind the wheel. Isn’t texting while driving as dangerous as drinking and driving? Now the pot lobby wants to legalize marijuana, which will add to the list of driving hazards. Don’t tell me it won’t.

I also believe smoking pot causes long-term damage to the brain. Chronic pot smokers live in la la land. They lose initiative and a sense of responsibility. These are my personal observations, and I offer no scientific studies to back them up. I am only suggesting that using smartphones and smoking pot can make you stupid. Do them while driving and they might even kill you. So good luck with that.


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