Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Feb. 16

February 16, 2014 


It is raining while I am writing this, but the words “fair weather” come to mind.

This past week, two readers’ comments and two letters to the sports editor appeared, giving up on the BSU basketball season and criticizing the head coach. Obviously, the writers don’t have any extensive experience managing or coaching a team.

Over a period of time, the best manager/coach is the one with the best players. All a manager/coach can do is put his players in a position to succeed and then it is up to them.

The football coach left with time remaining on his contract took most of the staff and took some recruits. The level of the players’ ability has decreased and the quality of the opposition has increased. Wise decision.

Basketball fans have been deluded by the early-season record against not-very- good teams. Don’t blame the coach. Scout the opposing players. It could be that they are just better than the BSU players.

Leon Rice hasn’t missed a field goal attempt, a foul shot or a defensive assignment all season.


I just read the Feb. 9 letter by Bob Campbell, who was critical of coach Rice for sitting Jeff Elorriaga on the bench the entire San Diego State game.

Bob should get the facts straight before he writes a letter.

Jeff was injured in the game with UNLV when he drove the lane and took a horrible-looking fall.

Due to this injury, he missed the SDSU and Utah State games. I understand Bob’s letter is his opinion, but when you are critical of a coach in the newspaper, you need to get the facts correct.


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