Book Review: Sweet romance showcases bonds of friends, family

February 16, 2014 


    by Jesse Hayworth; Signet ($7.99)

Jenny, the wandering daughter, has come home to help with the family dude ranch while her twin sister, Krista, is taking a six-week course to improve her knowledge of the industry.

Jenny’s work takes her all over the world working on a camera crew that films the popular reality show “Jungle Love.” Although she loves the work, she also loves being home again.

With a little help from a stray dog they call Rex, Jenny finds herself attracted to the local veterinarian Nick when she brings Rex in for care. She starts to question her need to roam the world.

My take: After reading “Summer at Mustang Ridge,” I was excited to read this sequel. What fun to visit the Skye family and Mustang Ridge again. The family is so close and warm that it feels like coming home. Although the first book is just as sweet, you do not have to read it to get full enjoyment out of this story as it can easily be read as a standalone.

There is not a lot of drama in the story, just family concerns. Jenny and Krista’s mother, Rose, struggles with retirement and finding herself, causing several humorous situations, and Jenny still has some wanderlust in her veins that Nick does not want to deal with. He has tried a long-distance relationship before that did not work out, but it is up to Jenny to prove to him that with compromise, love can find a way. This is a delightful romance that gives you warm feelings during those cold days and nights.

My rating: Recommended.

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