Letter: Immigration

February 16, 2014 

Our elected representatives in Washington, D.C., have closed their ears and refuse to hear what their constituents have to say. Well, we will remember in the 2014 elections. Just as a reminder, the only items in the immigration bill for 2014 should be:

1. Close and protect the borders and American citizens.

2. Arrest and deport all illegal aliens.

3. No amnesty.

4. No more free food, housing, medical or education.

5. No more anchor babies.

6. No driver’s licenses or rights to vote in American elections.

7. No more jobs for illegals — all candidates must be E-Verified.

8. No more “sanctuary” cities; they should be deemed illegal.

9. English only — This is America.

What is so hard to understand about that?

The bigger question is: Why are they putting illegal criminals before American citizens?


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